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Use the links above to find contact information on all Kansas legislators!

How to Meet with Your Legislator

Call Ahead

Call your legislator’s office and identify yourself. Respect your  legislator’s time by request a short, 10-15 minute meeting.  Be flexible on when you are available to meet and be punctual. To reserve a meeting room, call Legislative Services at 785-236-2391.

Prepare materials

Bring a one-page document you can leave with the legislator that states your issues and position. Also include information on what action you are requesting, along with your contact information for follow-up. It is helpful to include statistics and hard data (see separate Statistics document in the Advocacy Toolkit folder).

Prepare advocacy team

Make sure the advocacy team has time to review the one-page document. Create a 3 minute  elevator speech on which everyone can agree. The speech should include a quick description of the issues, your requests, and why they are important. Take the time to practice.

Maintain a Relationship

Having an ongoing relationship with your legislator will make your advocacy more effective.  Tailor your interactions to your legislator and to your organization. Suggestions include: invite your legislator to coffee when they are back in their home district; add legislators to your mailing lists or newsletters; host a breakfast or luncheon at the Capitol; or create a phone tree to  generate quick communication between the advocacy team and key leaders when legislation is being reviewed.


Don’t forget to follow-up after your meeting. Summarize your conversation and write down key information for your files. Write a thank you note the day after the meeting.