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Welcome from the Kansas African American Affairs Commission

The Kansas African American Affairs Commission is committed to being catalyst for positive change in African American communities across the State of Kansas.  KAAAC Commissioners and staff have worked to create an informative, accessible, and resourceful website for your use. We encourage you to stay abreast of upcoming programs and community events, as well as, access resources needed to join with the KAAAC in reducing disparities and inequities for African Americans throughout our state. Through community outreach and public policies we create focus on strategies in the areas of Economic Opportunity and Asset Building; Healthy and Safe Communities; Schools and Educational Opportunities; Criminalization and Social Justice; and Civic Leadership and Advocacy.  We look forward to building collaborative relationships with other state agencies; our Legislative Body; Corporations; foundations, small businesses; Faith Based organizations, and community members which will lead to effective changes in African American communities in Kansas. 

If you would like to join our efforts, we encourage you to contact our office, sign up for our Listserv, and/or follow us on Facebook.  It is our hope that together we can successfully construct solutions that will make the State of Kansas a great place for African Americans to reside and prosper.

Our Mission

The KAAAC members work to devise strategies to address public policy concerns of the African American community. The Commission will serve as a conduit for programs, grants, research, and policy advice for state and local organizations while addressing needs for change that are unique to the African American Community in the state of Kansas.

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Final Letter on Cedric Lofton's Death

by User Not Found | May 18, 2022

February 11, 2022


To the members of the Wichita City/Sedgwick County Committee investigating C.J. Lofton’s death:


The Kansas African American Affairs Commission supports your call for an independent investigation into the death of Cedric Lofton. We hope you successfully identify all of the ways people and systems failed C.J. so that neither the city, the community nor our state ever again awakens to news of a child dying in the care and custody of law enforcement.

We can appreciate the difficulty of the job ahead of you.

This tragedy traverses law enforcement, our fraying mental healthcare safety net programs, as well as our foster care system which continues to struggle.

In a situation with no easy answers, we do believe that there are some concrete steps we could take to narrow the likelihood of this happening again. We hope you can consider these ideas:

  • We believe since the last chapter of this saga began with C.J. in a mental health crisis, we should consider as a state expanding Medicaid.
  • We believe that had a skilled, mental health professional arrived at the scene with or instead of police, C.J. might still be alive.
  • We also believe the “Stand Your Ground” laws that now shield the people who killed C.J. (according to the coroner report), should not now or ever apply to law enforcement.

If we can help in any way, please let us know.

We’d offer condolences, but C.J. didn’t belong only to Wichita or to Sedgwick County. We too, consider C.J. our own. He belonged to the village, and the village belonged to him. In that spirit, we hope we can find the answers we all so desperately seek, together.


Yours in the struggle,

Stacey Knoell, Executive Director of the Kansas African American Affairs Commission

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