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Routes of Advocacy

Raise Community Awareness 

Advocate Using the Media

  •  Assign a spokesperson for your issue to ensure a strong, consistent  message
  •  Create a one-page document for the media
  •  Distribute press releases to share noteworthy accomplishments and  activities
  •  Write an Op-Ed & send to local papers. Be sure to get a second opinion. Keep it succinct. 

Advocate By Proclamation

Writing a proclamation:

Currently, Kansas proclamations are written in traditional form, which means the proclamation is a series of clauses starting with “Whereas.” Since we don’t use this word often anymore, you’ll note that it means “because” or “since.”

One way to structure your proclamation is chronologically; the first few clauses describing the history of the issue, the middle clauses describing  current statistics, and the latter clauses outlining goals or hopes for the  future.

These clauses are followed by a statement beginning with “Therefore” which declares the title of the proclamation and suggested actions.

Instructions on requesting a proclamation can be found here:

Constituent Services - Governor of the State of Kansas

Tip: Make your request at least one month in advance & make the request process easier by providing "suggested" language for the Governor's staff to review.