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Introduction to Advocacy

What is advocacy? Advocacy is a political process by an individual or a large group which normally aims to influence public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. The KAAAC is dedicated to advocating for legislation beneficial to the African American community and to helping you advocate for what you believe in. Whether you work for a large non-profit or just yourself-- you can make a difference in our community. Our Advocacy Guide is here to aid you in your pursuit. To the left you will find links to pages full of information on how to advocate effectively no matter your budget or man power. 

The KAAAC would like to hear from you when you start your advocacy journey! Once you have reviewed the Advocacy Guide material and have decided to become an active voice for Kansans, please fill out the "Kansans in Action" form below and email it to [email protected] so that we can be of assistance. You may also print the form and send it to our office located at 900 SW Jackson Topeka, KS 66612